How to get an ideal tan in seconds?

How to get an ideal tan in seconds?

The memories of summer remind us of golden and peach-colored skins – which together with pink tones – impose themselves as the star makeup of the season. The truth is that nothing brings a more flattering and fresh appearance than the effect just touched by the sun, or sun kissed .

But beware! Before using the bronzing powders we must know how to choose the ideal shade, where to apply it, what tools we need and even what finish is the one that best suits us according to our skin tone. Experts let us know and better pay attention to them. Dare to get the sun kissed effect but not before reading this application guide.

What is it for?

Although it is one of the classic toiletry, most may not be very clear. Tanning powders are used to give warmth and dimension to your face. It is definitely a method that when well used, makes the skin look healthier.

How, how much and where?

The first of all is to choose bronzing powders of two shades, one light and one darker – in some cases the two colors already come. Ideally, apply the lighter shade on the entire face, even lowering the neck. The darker tone will serve to highlight the features where the sun would naturally touch us: the birth of hair on the forehead, chin and bridge of the nose.

And how do I choose the tone of my bronzing powders? Depending on the skin tone, if you have light skin you can afford light tan tones, never too dark, and matt finishes. And if you’re brunette, obviously darker.But beware! because if you are very dark and you choose too dark powders and with a matte finish the features will harden a lot, bet for a better glossy finish, but keep in mind (especially) if you are very brunette, you should not use it on the entire face, just at the points you want to emphasize a good skin tone and give light. If not, the glossy finish will turn against you and a feeling of oily skin will be created, experts warn. That is why for dark skin it is ideal that the powders include some pink, coral or orange tones to “ignite” the tone of your skin. (Find out here how to get stunning makeup on dark skin). If your skin is a medium tone, you are a lucky one: any tone will make you feel great

What brush should I use?

The answer is simple: a large and fluffy one . Also make sure not to bathe the brush in product, or you will create an amount too concentrated and you will ruin the natural effect. To avoid making it obvious that you are using a bronzer, experts recommend passing only the sides of a spongy, conical brush over the bronzer. With this trick you distribute the bronzer more evenly throughout your face. Neither too tan nor too pale, the effect on the face this summer is a sober and flattering sun kissed. “As if you were coming from a first day at the beach,” experts say.

Golden or pink?

Most of us believe that we should choose: o bronzing powders in golden tones or pink powders (blush). But the truth is that you don’t have to choose between one or the other. You can combine the two! With bronzing powders you can sculpt the face and resort to blush, always in fruity tones, to use on the cheeks. The effect is super healthy and flattering. In fact, many sun powders come with both pink and brown tones, precisely because those are the natural colors of the face in summer.

Neckline, yes or no?

Another question that assails us is should we also make up the neckline, the collarbone, the shoulders? It is very simple, if you are very pale you must match the tone of the face and body, especially in the neck and neckline. But beware, we do not recommend applying too much product on the shoulders because the last thing you want is to run and stain the clothes.

These are the timeless ways to use bronzing powders:

To fine tune the nose

The first thing to keep in mind is that everything we mark with a bronzer will be to get depth or sink. So to fine tune the nose, apply the product on the sides getting a reducing visual effect.

To shorten a face too long

You can put a touch of bronzer on the forehead, specifically at the base of the scalp where the first line of hair is born, to darken and shorten the area. The second key place to shorten the face is the chin. How? Blurring under the chin in the direction of the neck.

To mark the cheekbone

Following the same contouring guidelines, darkening of certain areas of the face creates subsidence.

To give depth to the look

Have you ever considered the use of bronzing powders as an eye shadow? The result will surprise you.

To achieve a natural effect of healthy skin

Apply subtle touches of bronzer, especially on the cheeks to give extra tone and, gently, a touch on the forehead and chin to get a homogeneous essence, and above all, do not exceed

In short, bronzing powders always manage to brighten the face a little, as long as you know how to use them well, but it can be a double-edged sword: badly applied they can completely turn off the skin and give us a super artificial appearance. To avoid the latter, follow these recommendations to never be wrong again with bronzing powders.

1. Apply them all over the face. You may feel that you look better, but the result, believe us, does not work: it adds years and takes away all the light from the face. The bronzing powders were conceived to apply on the cheekbone bone, on the bridge of the nose, on the chin, on the temples and now!

2. The color on your skin does not work. Have you ever experienced the sensation of looking in the mirror and finding a reasonable resemblance to an oompa-loompa (Charlie’s assistants in the chocolate factory)? It was probably due to the orange tone of your skin. And it is that with bronzing powders, as with the makeup base, not all colors are worth it.

3. You are not comfortable in your skin. If you have dry skin, applying powders can make things worse. After all, they absorb part of the skin’s natural fat, so you can feel it tense and lifeless. Luckily, the evolution of cosmetics has found several solutions to your problem, opt for a liquid or moisturizing option such as BB and CC creams.

4. To shine … to blind. This point is directly related to the first, the one that treated the application. Some bronzing powders incorporate bright particles that trap light, and as long as you put them in the patterned areas and in light touches, the result usually works well. What happens if you apply them all over your face? Well, in addition to becoming a light bulb, you will have finished with the desired “natural effect”.

5. You only apply bronzing powders. Yes, we know that the last thing you want is to add more steps to your makeup routine, but bronzing powders do not work alone. You need a base in a lighter shade, or create contrast by applying powders in another shade, or a little blush, or finishing powders that kill and blend the makeup on your face.

And the mistake we should never make? Apply bronzing powders that are too dark or too much: it is always better to stay short than to go over.

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