Learn to treat your cut lips to promote recovery

Learn to treat your cut lips to promote recovery


Your lips, like the rest of your face, are from the few areas that are continually exposed to the aggression of external agents: cold, wind, heat, pollution, sun, etc. If we add to this the fact that the skin of the lips is much thinner than that of other areas of the face, we have a very good combination to get to suffer with annoying cut lips .

On the lips we have a minimum amount of sebaceous glands , which provide part of the lipids that protect the skin, among other things, from dehydration. That is why dry lips are so common .

Nor do we have melanin on our lips, which makes the area especially sensitive to the effects of solar radiation.


As with nasal dryness, there are several factors that can cause the lips to dry out:

  • The intense cold and heat , which in a more unprotected skin, such as the lips, cause a rapid loss of water.
    The sudden temperature changes that favor dehydration.
  • The air conditioning and heating dry the environment and, with it, also the thin and delicate skin of the lips.
    The snuff . The contact of the cigarette with the skin of the lip produces dryness and irritation. If you smoke, the best thing you can do for your health, and for the care of your lips, is to quit.
  • The use of unsuitable cosmetic products, or that are not specifically formulated for the labial area, can cause dryness and irritation.
  • Eating an unbalanced diet can produce a lack of vitamins A, B and C and other micronutrients that favor dehydration of the lips.


To prevent the lips from becoming dry you should be constant in your hydration routines, both internally with the intake of at least one and a half liters of water a day , and externally with the application of a lip balm or a cream or moisturizing and protective balm . If you do it daily, you will notice how the hydration of your lips greatly improves.

Avoid dry environments due to weather or the use of air conditioning and heating. At home you can use a humidifier , which is very useful for those cases.

Use cosmetic products specifically formulated to care for the thin skin of the lips, which do not cause irritation .

You should avoid excessive exposure to the sun and, when you do, use a lipstick with sunscreen.

Exfoliate your lips once or twice a week , so you will eliminate small raised skin and get softer.


To take care of your dry lips and get them to look soft and beautiful again you must apply a specific product for the lips two or three times a day . A bar, a balm or a lip cream that provides them with the water and lipids they need and, at the same time, protects them from external aggressions such as sun, weather or dust, creating a barrier over them.

In addition, it is convenient that you avoid moistening your lips with your tongue . It is a reflex act, almost instinctive: you notice the dry lip and moisten it with your own saliva, but this, far from helping to hydrate it, achieves the opposite effect, producing more dehydration and a possible irritation of the lip due to the components of the saliva .

You should also avoid biting them, pulling raised skin, smoking, nibbling on objects, touching them with your fingers, etc.

Finally, apply a lipstick with sunscreen every day before going outside. It may be the same one you use to hydrate or a different one .


Cut lips are not a major health problem, but they are very annoying, uncomfortable and even painful.

Therefore, if your lips are cut , you are sure that you want them to heal as soon as possible. And this is what you have to do to achieve it:

  • Be sure to keep the area clean so that the crack does not become infected.
  • If the cut bleeds, you must first stop the bleeding. You can, for example, press with gauze.
  • Once the wound is cleaned, we will dry it with gauze very carefully so as not to produce more irritation and apply a balm or healing and healing cream that helps calm, moisturize and close the crack.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for as long as possible after applying the protective cream.
  • Reapply the product every 4/6 hours.
  • Avoid contact of the lips with toothpaste when cleaning your mouth.
  • Do not touch the crack with your tongue or fingers, it will cause more irritation and increase the risk of infection.
  • Never tear the scab that has appeared in a crack. If you do, you will be delaying healing and you may even end up with a scar.
    Now that you know how to avoid wounds and heal cut lips, you will enjoy them again without discomfort. With these tips you will get healthy and attractive lips that will allow you to enjoy your day to day intensely.

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